Welcome and Instructions

The American Immigration Council’s U.S.-Mexico Internship Program provides an opportunity to strengthen workforce development and mutual understanding between Mexico and the United States. Matching eager interns with eligible host organizations is a key part of the program’s success!

Evaluating host organizations for eligibility for this program is a two-step process:

1. Please complete all sections of this online form to the best of your ability, including:
Detailed Organization Information
Intern Selection Preferences
Basic Offer Details

2. After submitting this online form, please download the 'Draft Internship Placement Plan' from the program website and submit the fillable pdf by email to sandrews@immcouncil.org.  Our Program Development Manager will reach out directly to confirm receipt and discuss next steps.
Tips for saving your progress:  You may exit the application at any time by navigating away from the web page.  Your responses will be saved when you select "Next" at the bottom of each page.   This application uses cookies to store your responses.  When you return on the same device and web browser, you will be able to access and edit your answers at a later time only before you select "Submit" on the fourth and final page. 
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