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This online survey is part of the EU supported Project THE UNSUNG HERO DIALOGUES, a partnership conducted with the support from the Europe for Citizens Programme.  We are a group of educational organisations and activists from 7 different countries with a background in working in European cooperation projects notably in the fields of Human Rights education and promotion, non-formal education and socio-cultural intervention. This survey aims at getting a better and broader understanding of the labour situation among civil society workers in Europe. You find more information about the project here.

For this survey, we understand “Civil Society Workers” as every person engaged in civil society regardless of their formal working status including i.e: volunteers, free lancers, employees or employers, consultants, trainers, etc…

In our experience, filling this survey takes about 15 minutes and indeed you provide us a great help in exploring the issue closer.

What happens with the answers collected?

First of all we ensure the answers provided remain anonymous. We securely store this data for the duration of the project and the reporting period until the 31.12.2021. We respect your trust and protect your privacy, following the EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation). The data collected will not be sold or shared with any third parties not involved in the Unsung Hero Dialogues project.

The information will feed into a panel study exploring not only the situation of work in the field of civil society organisations, but also into structural challenges faced by those who work in civil society. From the results of the survey, we will develop a capacity building training for Civil Society Workers to be conducted in October 2020 in Mühlhausen, Germany. Further we will develop concrete policy recommendations that will be fed into national and european policy processes, e.g. with the social committee of the EP, the ECOSOC and the civil society Unit of the European agency for fundamental rights.

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