Legal Information relevant to exotic dancers / adult entertainers

Work Safe Twerk Safe is a new, by-and-for strippers group, based in Toronto. We are current and former strippers who came together to fight for strippers' safety, dignity, and rights, on the basis that exotic dancing is real work. In solidarity and recognition that some dancers work or have worked in other sex industry jobs, we also aim to use our knowledge and experience to support the advocacy efforts of workers in other sectors of the sex industry, because sex work is real work. We want to improve working conditions in strip clubs in Ontario, and also to provide our colleagues with legal and other resources they find useful. We invite you to complete this survey in order to help us design a new website where you will be able to access information about municipal bylaw enforcement, what you can do if your workplace has unsanitary or dangerous conditions, your rights as a worker, and any relevant legal or other information that you think is important. If you would like to join us or check us out in person, please leave your contact information on the last question of the survey.

We are doing this survey with the help of a Toronto organization named METRAC, who is providing us with legal research and hosting the survey on their website. METRAC Action on Violence is a not-for-profit, community-based organization. METRAC works to end gender-based violence across communities, through education, research, and policy. To know more about METRAC, visit: METRAC, and Work Safe Twerk Safe, take your privacy and safety very seriously. Your responses will not be shared with any third party who is not involved in the research and producing legal information for this specific project.  

This survey is for anyone who works or has worked as a dancer in strip clubs in Ontario. Feel free to share this survey with your current and former co-workers.

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* 1. Are you a current/former stripper/exotic dancer/adult entertainer?