San Anselmo Response to State Laws Legalizing Marijuana (now referred to as cannabis)

Cannabis uses are currently prohibited in San Anselmo commercial districts. California voters have legalized cannabis for both recreational use (for adults 21+) and medical use. The Town Council is seeking community input on this issue to determine if they should consider changing Town laws before the State begins issuing licenses to cannabis-related businesses in January 2018. Your responses to these questions will remain anonymous.

* 1. Please check as many as apply:

Map of areas where State would allow cannabis businesses

Map of areas where State would allow cannabis businesses

* 2. Would you support changing laws to allow the following cannabis businesses in San Anselmo?

State law requires any cannabis business to be at least 600 feet from schools, day care facilities and youth centers (see map above). The Town could further limit where the businesses could be allowed (e.g., 600 feet from parks, or in limited areas). The businesses could be subject to Town regulations (e.g., to address health and safety, limit the number of establishments, etc.) and special taxes and fees.

  Yes to Medical Yes to Recreational No
Retail store selling cannabis
Business delivering cannabis in Town (located within Town, but with no storefront retail)
Testing laboratory (e.g. testing chemical components, potency, contaminants)
Indoor commercial cultivation
Manufacturing: packaging or labeling product only
Manufacturing: infusions (e.g. creating edibles, topicals, or other cannabis products)

* 3. State law allows residents to grow up to 6 cannabis plants within a residence for personal use. The Town can reasonably regulate, but not ban, this personal cultivation. Should the Town regulate private cultivation of cannabis?

* 4. Comments, Preferences & Suggestions for Question 3 - personal cultivation within a residence

* 5. State law allows residents to grow cannabis outside, but allows the Town to ban or regulate outdoor cultivation. Should the Town allow residents to grow cannabis outdoors?

Outdoor cultivation has a potential to create smells and security issues.

* 6. Comments, Preferences and Suggestions for Question 5, personal outdoor cultivation

* 7. If the Town allows cannabis uses, how much business license tax should the Town charge, if any?

The State will receive a 15% excise tax on sales of cannabis in the Town. Recreational cannabis sales will also be charged 8.75% sales tax (which is divided between state and local agencies). The Town can charge fees to cover the actual cost of regulating and licensing businesses. This business license tax would be in addition to the standard sales tax and Town fees. A business license tax would be subject to voter approval (majority vote if used for general Town purposes, 2/3 vote if for special purposes).

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 8. Comments, Preferences and Suggestions for Question 7, potential Town business license tax

Thank you for taking our survey! Additional information is available on the Town website, where you may sign up to be notified of future public meetings on this topic. Email with any additional comments that you would like the Town Council to consider.