1. Application Process

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Thank you for your interest in DRIC!  We have ongoing traineeship opportunities throughout the year.  And you can participate from anywhere in the world remotely - or in person presently in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Atlanta or Montego Bay, JA.

Presently - these are UNPAID.  There is some  compensation for equipment, meals, conferences and access to paid work over time as possible.

We pride ourselves in being a premier training destination for emerging and developing consultants. APA Division 13 - the Society of Consulting Psychology - has officially recognized and awarded us recently for what we do.
Please take a look at the role description and our current team.  

If you're interested in an informational interview or job shadowing, you can contact John directly at 651-308-8412.  

Here are the steps in the process. Our clients expect a lot of us. We expect a lot of ourselves and our applicants. We have a four step process to respect your time as we assess your fit to the role. Should you get to steps 3 and 4, you will get copies of your assessment results to keep and use personally, even if we do not hire you. It is our way of thanking you for the time and effort.

1) Click on and complete this brief interest/availability survey.

2) Email Katy Hoffman (katyhoffman@dric.com) with your resume, cover letter, and any additional information you feel is relevant. She will reach out to schedule a brief phone conversation.

3) If things are a fit, we will invite you to take an assessment battery - the same as we use with clients!

4) We will invite those best qualified to an in-person interview and a short presentation to us.