A few questions to help us provide you with the best experience possible.

* 1. Name and surname

* 2. Email

* 3. Cell number

* 4. Age

* 5. Camp you're attending

* 6. I live in (suburb/province)

* 7. My weekly mileage at present

* 8. The longest single trail run I've done to date

* 9. When was the last time you had a formal medical check-up?

* 10. Medical aid name and number

* 11. Have you been injured recently?

* 12. Where was the injury? Are you completely over it?

* 13. Do you have special food requirements or food allergies? Examples: gluten, peanut butter, tree nuts. All food (snacks and trail food) provided by us will be 100% plant-based.

* 14. My favourite trail areas currently are...

* 15. Do you have a goal/s for your trail running?

* 16. Is there a bucket list event or events you want to prepare for?

* 17. What is the toughest thing you've done in trail running so far?

* 18. Have you done other endurance events?

* 19. I trail run because... (your top three reasons)

* 20. What specific weakness/es do you want to improve?

* 21. Which three areas cause you the most pain/challenge? 1 = most, 3 = third-most challenging.

  Toughest Second toughest Third toughest
Cold conditions
Fast flat sections
Finding safe venues
Finding suitably tough courses
Gear - what to buy and why
Hot conditions
Injury prevention
Injury treatment
Interval training - why and how to
Muddy conditions
Race nutrition (pre, during, and post)
Race planning
Rainy conditions
Rocky terrain
Strength training exercises
Time for training
Uphill running

* 22. How would you describe yourself using 10 separate words? (Not sentences, just words.)

* 23. What are your special interests in life?

* 24. Know yourself (optional): Do a free personality type test at iPersonic.com and copy/paste the URL of the results page here. (It won't take long, most could do it in under two minutes. You only have to answer five questions.)

* 25. What one thing would you like to achieve through this Trail Camp?

Thanks for your interest! You can email camps@trailmag.co.za if you'd like to speak to us at any time.