This contest sponsored by The Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation and Presented by The Virgin Islands Pace Runners  in celebration of Black History Month and V.I. History Month...Road Running has an evolving history which includes unique events and diverse runners including:Olympians, All-Americans, record holders and productive citizens, not to mention history makers...
This contest has 31 questions (one for each year since Teddy Seymour sailed around the world alone) that test you on The annual Virgin Islands Pace Runners Toast-To-The Captain Road Race and the movie "Hidden Figures"  a biographical movie on the experiences of three black women "Computers" in the NASA Mercury space program...
Prizes: 1st,  2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (anyone may enter and be recognized...only participants in the  February 11, 2017 31st Annual Toast-To-The Captain Road Race are eligible for prizes).

The winner will be the person who is first to get the most correct answers to the questions in this contest...
Please select one answer for each question.  You must answer all questions.
Decision of the Virgin Islands Pace Runners is final.
Contest ends March 31, 2017

* 1. The course for the Annual Toast-To-The Captain was selected because:

* 2. Captain Seymour was an elementary school teacher in St. Thomas and St. what school with the last name of a notable V.I. librarian did he teach

* 3. What do Mercury Astronaut John Glen and sailor Teddy Seymour have in common in addition to circling earth alone?

* 4. The 1982 Boston Marathon is known historically as "The Duel in the Sun" least three V.I. marathon runners and the winner of the first marathon run in St. Croix in April of 1979 ran that race including: Teddy Seymour, Marlon Williams, Wallace Williams and Richard Kahn...which won the St. Croix Marathon?

* 5. Historic Black Colleges have produced great American heroes in sports, science, medicine, war, etc.,  In the film "Hidden Figures" the black university in the same town where the NASA agency is depicted is?

* 6. Captain Teddy Seymour is a Vietnam Veteran...what was his branch of military service and his rank?

* 7. Captain Seymour was recognized by a non-profit maritime agency, with a special honor - the first annual Seamanship Award - during a $250-a-plate black tie dinner ceremony...what was the name of this agency?

* 8. What day during Black History Month did Captain Seymour set sail on his voyage around the world?

* 9. On a cold winter night at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky at an indoor track and field meet in the early 60's called "The Mason Dixon Games",  at least two world records were set including the 3000 meters,  by Australian Ron Clarke; the 4 x 400m relay by Texas Southern Univ. and a more unknowing and unique coincidence took shape that day what was it?

* 10. The  sound track for the movie "Hidden Figures" has at least one famous performing artist, who?

* 11. The sail boat that Captain Teddy Seymour sailed around the world on his historic voyage is named?

* 12. The cars in the movie "Hidden Figures" are period pieces...what year and model is the car the three women drove to work every day?

* 13. What math did Catherine choose to tackle the reentry problem with Astronaut John Glenn's Space capsule?

* 14. What is the name of the institution that certifies solo circumnavigation?

* 15. This city in the state of New York is known for its hilly marathon is also the city where Captain Seymour was born and raised,, what is it?

* 16. Astronaut John Glenn and Captain Teddy Seymour had this in common?

* 17. In the Movie "Hidden Figures", what was the computer programing language identified with the new IBM computer which Dorothy Vaughn became familiar and was to replace the "Colored Computers"?

* 18. There was a song playing in the background when Catherine regularly ran to the "West Campus" to the "Colored Rest Room", what was unique about the wording of the lyric?

* 19. In the movie "Hidden Figures: when Dorothy is confronted in the public  library while searching the bookshelf for a book she is the victim of?

* 20. What was the length of Captain Seymour's sail boat in which he made history?

* 21. While at sea and for the most part, Teddy and his sea legs interrupted his routine daily track workouts...he did, however have an opportunity to actually run in a road race while on his trip and took second place...where did he do it?

* 22. This college teammate of Captain Seymour held the world record for 600m a distance popular then in indoor competition, later another runner was also given the title "Chairman of the Boards"...who were they:

* 23. Before Captain Seymour completed his solo voyage around the world, how many others had done so?

* 24. The half-way point in Captain Seymour's voyage was?

* 25. Captain Seymour recalls watching Dolphins play as they shadowed the hull of Love Song...where was he when this happened?

* 26. How many miles per day did Captain Seymour average per day on his voyage?

* 27. How much did it cost for Captain Seymour to sail around the world alone?

* 28. It is this state where Astronaut John Glen and Captain Teddy Seymour went to college...

* 29. How many stops did Captain Teddy Seymour make on his voyage around the world?

* 30. What was the date that Captain Teddy Seymour sailed to the pier in Frederiksted to complete his voyage around the world alone?

* 31. Address