The purpose of the Teacher Leader Academy is to build teacher and/or academic coach leadership skills, K-12 content-area expertise, innovative instructional practices and effective professional learning designs to impact student learning and achievement.  This program is designed for teachers who want to lead from their classrooms.  Teachers will be chosen based on this comprehensive and competitive application process focusing on grade-level expertise, district needs, potential for teacher leadership, and principal recommendation.  The research of Dr. Russ Quaglia and Dr. Lisa Lande will be guiding the sessions in conjunction with content area supervisors to increase Teacher Voice and Student Voice in the TLA classroom.  Sessions will include understanding the dynamics of student voice and aspirations, voice and vision: using data to inform decisions and directions; ensuring a sense of self-worth for your students; cultivating engagement; and having a sense of purpose and teacher voice.  Teacher Leader Academy Graduates from 2015-2017 are asked not to apply in order to expand the outreach of this group.

Participants are making a commitment to attend all of the following dates:  5/11/17, 5/30-6/2/17, 9/14/17, 11/16/17, 02/08/18, and May 2018 (exact date TBD).  With the exception of a 1/2 day class on 5/11/17 and May, 2018, all classes will be from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.  During school days, the district will pay for substitutes if needed.

As part of this application you must:
1.  List extra-curricular activities in which you are involved
2.  Describe an experience that reflects your ability to influence and impact other teachers/students
3.  Describe your future goals as an instructional leader
4.  Cut and paste a copy of your resume

Since you must complete the application in one attempt, you may choose to answer/gather these questions in a word document before you begin the application.  Then, you can cut and paste sections into the appropriate spaces.  

Thanks for taking the time to apply.

Cohort applications must be submitted by midnight on Tuesday, April 11, 2017.