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IP #21, The Loner, Staying Clean in Isolation

The Loner was written in 1986, long before the internet and technology made online and virtual types of connections possible, and the IP is very outdated. We do not revise IPs very often and are gratified that the Fellowship chose to approve this at WSC 2020. To revise and update this pamphlet, we would like to gather current experience from members who are or have recovered as a “loner,” with the hope that a revised IP would share members’ experiences with other members looking for experience, strength, and hope, and a new way of life.

The global pandemic has given many more members experience with recovering in isolation. We ask that you share your experience with recovering in  isolation with us to help to shape the direction of this IP. We encourage you to read the current IP before offering your ideas. It can be found at

This online survey will be posted until 31 August 2022.

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* 1. What are the two or three most important ideas you’d like conveyed in this pamphlet?

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* 2. What suggestions for connecting with the Fellowship would you want included in this IP?

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* 3. What was a significant experience you had with being a loner in recovery?

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* 4. Anything else you would like us to consider?

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