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Thank you for taking the time to participate in Column5's BPC Performance Benchmark Study. As a BPC customer, you belong to an elite community of SAP EPM users, and a broader group of "Data Analytics" users. Your opinion is of great value, and this is your opportunity to influence the market to be more responsive to your vision of how you'd like to be served...both from a product and consulting service perspective...so please do share your unfiltered feedback.

The survey does take some time to complete and we appreciate your thoughtful contribution. In return for your time and response, you will receive the full report, which will be customized based on your responses, and will deliver valuable details on how your EPM solution performance stacks up to other respondents - at no charge. 

**be sure to include your name, company name and email address so we can contact you with the report**

Who is Column5?

Column5 is the lead services firm globally for SAP EPM, and our ongoing efforts to stay up to date with customer experience data is the main source of our efforts to define what is a best practice. Gartner has recognized Column5 as a key influencer in this space, and we would like to shape our offerings to be increasingly responsive to customer needs. We would like to collect candid responses from as broad a BPC audience as possible to answer questions like, "What is normal for BPC performance?", "What attributes lead to increased ROI?", "What factors increase customer satisfaction?".

We will treat your responses as confidential, and we will not share identifying information with any third parties for any reason. While it does take time to complete the survey, the resulting personalized benchmark report will be very valuable in guiding your efforts to improve BPC user satisfaction within your enterprise.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful contribution to our efforts!

Column5 Success Team