General Questionnaire

In preparation for Backstage Dance Studio's 2019/2020 Competition Season, we need to know your/your dancer's plans for auditions. If you are the parent filling this out, please complete it with your dancer.

In addition to this survey, you will need to register for Team Auditions in whatever styles you would like to be considered for, through Jackrabbit. Audition registration deadline is June 4th, at 4:00p.

Please Note: If you fill this survey out multiple times prior to the deadline, only the most recent version is saved. All previous submissions will be automatically deleted.

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* 1. Auditioning Dancer's Information

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* 4. What is your date of birth?


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* 5. Which of the following dance styles will you be auditioning for? Select all that apply:

A combined "Ballet-Based Styles" Audition determines placement for the Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Modern pieces. If auditioning for the ballet-based styles and you're offered a spot on Team, you will be placed in the ballet-based styles that Backstage believes are the most appropriate fit, not just for you, but for those groups as a whole. *

Tap and Hip Hop have their own separate auditions and placement is decided from those specific auditions.

* If there are any of those four combined ballet-based styles that you are absolutely NOT willing to compete, please indicate this in the comments section below.

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* 6. Please read and acknowledge the following policies:
  • I must audition with the age group for which my age will be as of January 1, 2020.
  • In addition to filling out this questionnaire, I must also enroll in "Team Auditions" for each auditioning style through Jackrabbit, by June 4, at 4:00p. 
  • Any change requests to my audition info/preferences must be indicated via email to:, by June 4, at 4:00p.

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* 7. Summer Requirements:
Competition Team dancers are required to complete a certain amount of Summer Technique Class hours. Dancers must also be available to learn choreography for their competition piece(s) during the summer. Dates and information may be found under the "2019 Summer Requirements" section of the Costs and Requirements Info Sheet, here.

Please note, dancers that are unable to complete their required technique hours will not be eligible to accept their spot on Team. Also, dancers that are unable to be at ALL of their group piece(s) summer choreography dates will not be eligible to accept their spot in said piece(s).

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* 8. We have a few more questions for you, based on your current team standing. Please indicate which of these applies to you: