RCM Teaching Service Application Form 2017-18

If you would like to apply for an RCM student or recent graduate teacher, please complete this Application Form. Please note once we have received this form we will start to organise your first lesson, so please do not apply unless your application is genuine. When the first lesson has been confirmed, you will need to pay our registration fee of £48 (including VAT).

We will be in touch in a few days to confirm receipt of your application, and then will contact you once more when we have found a teacher. Please note that the whole process may take up to 2 weeks.

1. Please enter your

2. Please enter your contact number:

3. Please enter your email address:

4. If different from above, please enter the pupil's

5. Is the pupil

6. How old is the pupil?

7. Please enter the address where lessons will take place. Please note that lessons MUST take place at your own home or at a space organised by you. Our teachers are not permitted to teach in their own homes or at the RCM itself.

8. What instrument/subject would the pupil like to learn?

9. What is the pupil's current standard at the instrument:

10. How long will the pupil's lesson be (you may be advised on this by your teacher in your first lesson)?

11. Please tell us when you are available for lessons on a regular basis. We would appreciate it if you could provide as many time-slots as possible: this will make it more likely that we will be able to find a teacher to suit your requirements.

  9-11am 11am-1pm 1-2pm 2-3pm 3-4pm 4-5pm 5-6pm 6-7pm 7-8pm 8-10pm

12. When you would like lessons to start?

13. Do you have any preference for a female or male teacher?

14. Please tell us briefly the goals of the pupil and anything else relevant (e.g. reasons for having lessons, the type of music to be covered in lessons, whether the taking of exams is desired, if there is a specific area like sight-reading which is important, if the pupil has any special educational needs).

15. Please tick to say that you have read, understand and agree to information contained in the following document: Information on the RCM Teaching Service.

Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully
Data is processed only for the purpose(s) for which it was collected
Data is adequate, relevant and not excessive
Data is not kept longer than necessary
Data is kept secure against unauthorised access and loss or damage
Data is only shared with your teacher once your administration fee is taken