Thank you for your interest in joining the Shape Up San Francisco Coalition. By completing this membership agreement, you confirm your support for the Coalition and its priorities to: increase access to healthy foods, increase opportunities for physical activity and decrease consumption of sugary drinks in order to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Further, you are agreeing to attend quarterly membership meetings and actively participate in Coalition activities and events.

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* 7. The Shape Up SF Coalition’s three priorities are to: increase access to healthy food; increase opportunities for physical activity; and decrease consumption of sugary drinks. Which of the three strategies is your priority? (Check all that apply)

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Thank you for providing the information about your interests and commitment to the Shape Up SF Coalition.

Membership is free and open to individuals and organizations that have an interest in healthy eating and active living. By submitting this membership agreement, you will become a Shape Up SF Coalition member and are committed to the mission of the Coalition, can express your opinions and participate in Coalition decisions by attending Coalition meetings or serving on task forces or committees. You agree to abide by the mission of the Coalition and will act in the best interest of the Coalition. You will abide by decisions made at any Coalition meetings even if you were unable to attend.

The Mission of the Shape Up SF Coalition is: To convene partners for greater collective impact in order to create equitable and sustainable environments, systems and policies that promote healthy eating and active living across the lifespan in San Francisco.