May 10, 2018
Hello everyone,

The six Ottawa Community Health Centres have been working collectively since April 2017 to research and land on a shared framework, process and toolbox for thinking and planning strategically at the 'systems' level. After landing on a complexity-informed approach, the CHCs applied the methodology earlier this year with a group of Board representatives and the EDs to identify a first set of priority areas.

The next steps in this journey are to validate and finalize identified priorities to transition from thinking/planning to operationalizing the strategy. This includes making the link between systemic change and the important work we do every day for our community.

We invite you to take 20-30 minutes to complete eight questions that relate to the collaborative strategic directions (Access, Quality, and Strengthening key enablers). Your responses will be used to plan our operational priorities and inform our upcoming Board retreat on May 26th. The goals of the upcoming event are to:
- share the draft collaborative strategic directions and goals;
- validate our direction;
- identify any gaps for SHCHC based on our understanding of our clients, staff, data and community trends.

If any new strategic directions for SHCHC are identified, we will work on defining those directions in detail and identifying goals and strategies together with the Board and Senior Management. In addition, themes from the survey responses will be shared at the All Staff meeting, along with additional priorities identified at the Board retreat. An engagement session will be planned with community partners and stakeholders over the summer. This information will be presented back to All Staff, with an opportunity to engage and discuss our operational priorities in September.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input. The collaborative process is a new approach adopted by all 6 Ottawa CHCs. While this will look and feel very different from previous strategic planning processes, we value your input in providing ideas and insight to improve our internal operations and services – truly what makes SHCHC unique in what we do.

If you have any questions about this exercise, please contact Wendy (613-789-1500 x 2516,

13% of survey complete.