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* 1. Name of Consultation Leader

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* 2. If you are sharing multiple residents' stories in this form, how many residents did you engage in this effort? (include exact number)

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* 3. Sharing stories: Story Form

If there are any interesting stories that residents would like to share that speak of challenges, creative solutions, or resilience in rebuilding the city and supporting community members during COVID-19, you may share these stories using the story form.

Feel free to include direct quotes by residents that come up in your discussions or use other creative ways to tell the story. Make sure you ask residents their permission first, before including quotes or personal information about them.

Suggested optional questions you may ask residents:

1. What challenges have you, your group or your community faced due to COVID-19?

2. How did you, your group or community members try to solve them?

3. What are some lessons learned from this experience? 

You will most likely find that these stories will emerge on their own during your discussion, so feel free to take note of them during the discussion and include them in this story form later.