Resilient Hobart: May 2018 floods

Tasmanians get things done. We are an island of wild weather and isolation, demanding resilient communities and people. We take pride in our capacity to withstand hardship - and flourish - even during the hardest times. When faced with crises, like the increasing threat of natural disasters, we draw on the strengths of our communities and connections to each other. 

To be better prepared and able to support each other in the future, we need to act on the lessons we learn from our successes and failures during times of trial. 

The City of Hobart is running projects to help people who were affected by the May 2018 extreme weather event get ready for, recover from and help each other in natural disasters. 

These projects will assist regional Hobart communities in responding to future emergencies, disaster events and other disruptions to normal living. They have been jointly funded by the Australian and Tasmanian governments under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

Resilient Hobart: May 2018 floods includes five projects:
  • Storytelling for Resilience
  • Australian Red Cross Workshops
  • A Community Self-Assessment of Resilience Pilot
  • Afloat (working title) – A Children and Families Community Art Project
  • Forces of Nature (working title) – Public Artwork
You can learn more about them at