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In November 2019, the City of Winnipeg decided to put the former St. Boniface City Hall and Fire Station #1 up for sale through a Request for Proposal (No. 982-2019).

On January 21, 2020, Héritage Saint-Boniface, with the participation of the Société de la francophonie manitobaine (SFM) and Entreprises Riel, held an initial public consultation on the future of the Saint-Boniface Civic Campus, specifically the properties at 219 Provencher Boulevard and 212 Dumoulin Street. This property has great heritage, historical and political value for Winnipeg, for St. Boniface and for the Francophone community of Manitoba and Canada. A report of this first session is available online.

The City of Winnipeg will consider the "Compatibility of the proposed development with heritage preservation measures, as well as with the culture and character of the former St. Boniface City Hall, and the St. Boniface North Secondary Plan (By-law No. 30/2017)" at a level of 40%.

This survey is a follow-up to the findings of this first consultation. The objectives of this survey and of all the consultations are to :
  1. Define the importance of City Hall and the fire station for the communities concerned and establish a certain community vision for the site. (As per Request for Proposal No. 982-2019).
  2. Allow all developers to submit proposals to the City of Winnipeg that are consistent with the community vision and that meet the needs and aspirations of citizens while remaining financially viable.

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