Application to ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee

To apply for SSAC membership, please provide the following:
  • Your full name and a valid email address for communication.
  • Upload your latest resume or CV
  • Upload a statement of interest detailing your motivation for joining and how you plan to contribute to the SSAC’s mission.
  • We also welcome submissions of links to your presentations, publications, or any materials that highlight your contributions to your field.
After submitting your application, you will be invited to complete the SSAC Skills Survey. The SSAC Membership Committee carefully reviews each application, assessing the alignment of candidates' skills and experience with our needs, and conducts interviews with promising candidates. Contact the SSAC support staff at for any inquiries or additional information.

We are actively seeking qualified individuals with a passion for internet security and stability. We're excited about the possibility of having you in our community!

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