2018 Summer Reading Program Survey

Please help your local library and the New Mexico State Library evaluate the 2018 Summer Reading Program. Your answers on this survey will help obtain funding for the program as well as improve it. Thank you for your time. We do appreciate your participation. 

* 1. Name of the library where you participated in the Summer Reading Program.

* 2. How many children (0-18 years), under your care, participated in the Summer Reading Program?

* 3. How did you first learn about the Summer Reading Program?

* 4. As a result of participation in the Summer Reading Program, did your child(ren)'s...

  Increase Remain the Same Decrease Not Applicable
Enjoyment of reading
Reading more voluntarily
Reading skill
Amount of reading
Use of library
Verbal communication skills
Written communication skills

* 5. Will you continue to bring your children to the library after Summer Reading ends?

* 6. The incentives and awards offered by the Summer Reading Program encouraged my child(ren) to read.

* 7. Please let us know what impact the 2018 Summer Reading Program has made for your child(ren) and family, or something that stood out for your family, or your child(ren)'s favorite part of the summer?