Star Island 2018 Spring Volunteer Application

Please click here to check out our page about springtime work weekends on Star Island before applying to volunteer. 

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Have you ever volunteered at Star Island before? If yes, what task were you assigned? Please indicate if you volunteered at Star Island last spring.

* 3. What is your preferred work assignment? Please rank with 1 being your first choice.

* 4. During which weekend would you prefer to volunteer? Please rank your preferences with 1 being your first choice. 

Please note:
All spring volunteer weekends begin with a boat to Star at 6PM on Friday and a departure from Star at 2PM on Sunday.
Memorial Day Weekend is a long volunteer weekend (3 days). Preference will be given to those who can work three days, departing on Monday at 2PM.
Parking is available free of charge at the Star Island dock. Volunteers should arrive as early as 5:15PM and no later than 5:45PM for check-in.

* 5. Do you have a roommate preference? Please name the person(s) you wish to share a room with here or indicate if you need a single room. 

* 6. Please list any dietary restrictions you may have so that we may make your stay comfortable! (Are you a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, or allergic to any foods?)

Thank you for applying to volunteer on Star Island! We deeply appreciate your commitment to help prepare Star Island for the coming season. Applications will be accepted as space permits, and assignment notifications will be sent via e-mail by mid-April.