About the Sport Integrity Review

This consultation form for the Sport Integrity Review includes questions relating to the discussion document which includes six chapters:
  1. Organisational culture, whistleblowing and the institutional arrangements for sport integrity in New Zealand – issues that cut across the next five Sport Integrity topic areas.
  2. Member protection – ensuring those involved in sport are not subject to harassment, bullying and abuse, and are physically and mentally safe
  3. Integrity issues in children’s sport – ensuring children involved in sport are protected from abuse, that the focus is on enjoyment rather than winning, and the changing environment within secondary school sport
  4. Anti-doping – the use of prohibited substances (colloquially referred to as performance and image enhancing drugs) in contravention of the World Anti-Doping Code 
  5. Protecting against corruption – fraud, bribery, bid rigging and other dishonest behaviours intended to achieve personal gain by manipulating an outcome
  6. Protecting against match-fixing – action to inappropriately predetermine the result of a match, or part of a match, for gambling purposes.
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