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1. Introduction

Explanation of the purpose of the survey; your consent. 
Dr. Lynn Fotheringham of the University of Nottingham (Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies), is running this voluntary research study on readers’ attitudes to fictional representations of ancient Greece, and specifically to the graphic novel, Three, by Kieron Gillen & Ryan Kelly (English edition 2014, Image Comics; Greek edition 2019, Jemma Press). The research is part of a wider study of whether, why, and in what ways modern audiences continue to be interested in the ancient Greek world. I am also interested in how much readers know about that world, how they know it, and how this knowledge affects their opinions of individual works, such as Three.
How the data generated from this questionnaire will be used 
All data generated from this questionnaire will be used anonymously; you are only asked to provide your e-mail address if you are willing to be contacted for further discussion, and if you choose to provide it, it will be recorded separately from your answers to the questions. The data will be used to generate a general picture of readers’ opinions of fiction set in ancient Greece and reasons for purchasing Three; results may be published in a scholarly work or on-line. The actual questionnaire-answers will be stored in the personal files of the researcher, password-protected, for no more than seven years after publication of the research, and then destroyed; summaries and analyses may continue to be held, at which point they will be fully anonymised. For more information, click here; for SurveyMonkey's Privacy Policy, click here
Greek speakers: If you wish you can fill in a Greek-language version of this questionnaire by following this link/Αν θέλετε να συμπληρώστε το ερωτηματολόγιο αυτό στα Ελληνικά, κάνετε κλικ εδώ

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* 1. I confirm that: (a) I am over 16, (b) I have understood the purpose of this study, (c) I have understood that all data are anonymous and that there will not be any connection between the personal information provided and the data, (d) I have understood that there are no known risks or hazards associated participating in this study. By submitting this questionnaire I agree that my answers, which I have given voluntarily, can be used anonymously for research purposes.

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