Esta encuesta sobre el nombre de los equipos atléticos de la escuela preparatoria de South Eugene está disponible en español:

The name used for South Eugene High School's teams, The Axemen, is under consideration and the school is seeking student, family and community input.

The axe is a longstanding part of South Eugene High School's history and tradition. The axe is the first symbol that students and athletes rallied around at the school, and the team name The Axemen has been in use for some teams since the 1930s, a time when interscholastic sports teams were all male.

Over the years, and again recently, students, parents and community members have raised concerns that the team name The Axemen is not inclusive of all athletes and students.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on The Axemen as South Eugene's team name. This is not a vote but an opportunity to provide input. 

No decisions have been made yet, and the school and district are committed to considering input from all stakeholders. Your comments are important to us.