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By submitting the survey responses, you're indicating your consent for them to be used in this study. All survey answers will remain anonymous and will be stored on password-protected computers. Participants will not be identified in any publications or reports. For more details, you can consult the information and consent form here.

Should you have any questions pertaining to the research project, you can communicate with Prof. Owen Waygood, the research professor in charge of the project at: (514) 340-4711, Ext. 2738 or by e-mail at:

Should you have any questions pertaining to your participation in this research project, you can communicate with Polytechnique Montreal’s Research Ethics Board at: (514) 340-4711, Ext. 4420 or by e-mail at:

Question Title

* 1. The survey takes roughly 20 minutes (there are 94 questions (Q) in total, but you will answer fewer (≤65 Q) as there are different questions based on your household context). There is a section on children (5 minutes) that either a parent (Q≤15) or child can complete (Q≤14). ALL questions are optional.

By answering the questions in the attached questionnaire/questionnaire available at the following URL, you agree to participate in this research project in accordance with the conditions set out in this document. Please keep a copy of this document.

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