Humboldt County's Dental Advisory Group (DAG) is a coalition of partners that includes local dental professionals, community assistance providers, and organizations focused on improving oral health in Humboldt Couty. The DAG identifies disparities and gaps in oral health services and are working together to address the needs of our community.

Our coalition often receives dental kit requests from school wellness centers, family/community resource centers, foster families, and programs that serve individuals with limited resources. Unfortunately, the need is so great, the coalition in unable to fulfill all of the requests that we receive each year. 

Hosting a Smile Drive is a great way to engage employees, congregants and/or community members in a fun and inexpensive project that makes a huge difference to the health of Humboldt's families.

Watch this video to learn more about the impact of Smile Drives:

Donated supplies will be received by Redwood Community Action Agency and distributed through the TOOTH Program. All participating organizations  and companies will receive recognition of their efforts to improve oral health in Humboldt County on the Smile Humboldt website at:

If your organization or workplace is interested in hosting a Smile Drive to collect supplies to help us meet these needs, please complete the survey below and we'll provide you the collection box and promotional material to get it going!

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