What is a Sustainable Island Mobility Plan (SIMP)?

An SIMP is an integrated municipal strategic plan, aiming to improve the transportation of people and goods in the area.

It comprises various issues, such as boosting public transport, ensuring that vehicles can move around and park on the island safely, promoting environmentally-friendly modes of transport (cycling, walking), providing accessibility for vulnerable groups (elderly, children, mobility impaired), etc.

The SIMP will help gather those issues and make a collaborative decision on how they are going to be solved in the most efficient, environmentally-friendly and socially beneficial way. At the same time, it will constitute the most important tool for the municipality to seek funding, in order to bring about the necessary changes that will decisively improve the quality of life for everyone.

What is the role of residents and visitors?

Drafting the SIMP involves the residents, professionals and visitors of the area, in collaboration with specialised scientists and the Municipality (SIMP team).

They are all invited to take part in the open meetings, fill in questionnaires and talk about their needs, the problems they have to face during their everyday trips or other ideas and wishes of theirs that should be taken into account.

Why should you fill in this questionnaire?

By filling in this questionnaire, you are helping the SIMP team with:
- compiling the island’s problems and evaluating the importance of each issue
- detecting which population groups face the greatest difficulties
- setting the right priorities, by taking into account the wishes and proposals of those directly affected
- finding the solutions that fit the island best
- designing public spaces that are accessible and safe for all
- finding the right ways to limit pollution, noise and accidents
- designing proposals to improve the area’s appearance, strengthen the local development and increase employment.
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