Hi! I am Jodie, your Children and Young People Commissioner here in the ACT.

I am asking you about racism so we can help find ways to stop it. Your views and ideas are important.
This survey is:
  • Short – there are only 14 questions and will take about 10 minutes.
  • Confidential – that means we won't ask your name. We will see your answers but we won’t know who said what. To find out more about your privacy, click HERE.
  • Your choice – you can answer some questions and skip others. It is also okay if you do not answer any of the questions. 
  • Helpful – knowing what you think about racism will help me explain to other adults how we can try to make Canberra a better place for you to live.

To make sure your views are heard, please click NEXT at the end of each page and then click DONE at the bottom of the final page.

If you do not want to answer a survey but would like to have your say about racism in another way (such as an artwork, cartoon drawing, song, poem, video clip or recording of your voice), click here: Young Thinker Forum.