Academic Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Application

Thank you for your interest in the Academic Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program. Please complete the questions below. If you are unsure, please indicate this since you are not required to have a service project or community partner prior to the program.  

* 1. Name

* 2. Phone Number

* 3. Email Address

* 4. College or School

* 5. Department

* 6. Please indicate if your Academic Dean endorses your participation in the
Academic-Based Faculty Fellows Program.

* 7. Please include a course or list of courses for which you would like to develop or integrate academic service-learning.

* 8. If you have a community partner or placement in mind, please identify this
placement and indicate where it is located.

* 9. Please describe a possible service-learning project for your course and how your students and community partner(s) may benefit from the service learning experience.

* 10. Please discuss why you are interested in learning about the development and teaching of academic service-learning courses.