Access and Inclusion Survey Description

The Mayor, Township Manager, Town Council, and the members of the ADA Advisory Board are dedicated to promoting a welcoming environment for all Scotch Plains residents, regardless of their needs. The ADA Advisory Board works to improve access, participation, and provision of appropriate services for those with disabilities in our Township.

The Scotch Plains Township ADA Advisory Board:
  • collaborates with the Township Manager, ADA Coordinator, Mayor, and Township Council – in cooperation with residents and businesses – regarding local issues relating to those with disabilities (people who have physical, sensory, cognitive, and/or intellectual impairment, mental illness, and/or various types of chronic disease - including children, adults, veterans, and the elderly)
  • focuses on reducing and eliminating barriers related to access, participation, and attitude in all aspects of our community in order to improve the overall quality of life of people with disabilities and promote the significance of all residents
  • provides education and resources for municipal representatives and residents
  • coordinates venues for sharing information about agencies, organizations, resources, and events which support the needs and interests of those with disabilities
We encourage Scotch Plains residents and visitors to let the ADA Advisory Board know how the Township can be inclusive and accessible.

Please complete this survey to inform us of your needs and interests. If you have a disability and need assistance completing this survey, contact Margaret Heisey at 908-322-6700 ext. 314 or by email at All responses are and will remain confidential within the ADA Advisory Board.