AIS Residency Coordinators,

Congratulations on completing the Artists In Schools Residency program! Thank you for your hard work providing this valuable and enriching art experience for your students.

Your responses will be used to complete the final AK State Council grant report, provide feedback to Teaching Artists, and refine the process of Juneau's AIS program. Your clear, honest and thorough responses are greatly appreciated.  It is important to include feedback from teachers who were directly involved in the residency experience, so please collect input from your school team if applicable. 

Please complete this survey within 2 weeks of the residency's end. Artist payment will be processed upon survey completion from both school coordinator and teaching artist.

BEFORE YOU START, review the list below outlining i
nformation and documents you will need prior to completing the survey. This survey can not be edited once submitted.  

* A copy of your grant application for reference.
* Budget information on any funds contributed and supply expenses.
* Number of participants, including students, staff (teachers, paras and administrators), student teachers and volunteers.
* Advocacy efforts to involve diverse populations
* Information on any guests or observers (audience)
* Teacher reflection on student learning per goals identified in application.
* Information on follow-up materials from Teaching Artist
* Publicity records and flyers (to be submitted via email)
* Copy of Letters to Legislators (to be submitted via email)

THANK YOU! ...for your time, thoughts and feedback on your experience as AIS coordinator. Your feedback is very important to the program, and will be used to help identify gaps and successes, as we continually strive to improve experiences for your students and school.