Have you cycled on Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways (see map here)? Want to help make Oregon even better for cycling? You can!

Oregon is the only state in the nation with Scenic Bikeways – offering Oregon’s “best of the best” road routes. Travel Oregon and Oregon State Parks & Recreation are embarking on an economic impact and user study of bicycle recreation and travel for Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways, and we’d love to hear from you!

We need all cyclists to participate in this survey who have ridden their bike, or plan to ride their bike, on any one or more of Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways during 2014. The answers you supply will be kept strictly confidential and be used for statistical purposes only. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes and will help us improve the Oregon cycling experience for all.

Please begin the survey below and share it with your cycling friends. Thank you!

Question Title


Question Title

1. Did you participate, or do you plan to participate, in a bicycling related activity or event, or otherwise ride a bicycle, on one or more of Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways sometime during 2014?

Note: There are twelve designated Oregon Scenic Bikeways at various locations around the state. See map above or click here to view them all.