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Who was Sabrina Shannon?

This award is dedicated to Sabrina Shannon, an inspiring teenager who had a fatal anaphylactic reaction in 2003. During her life, Sabrina helped to raise awareness about food allergy by creating a first-person radio documentary, “A Nutty Tale,” which aired on CBC radio in 2001.

Since her passing, Sabrina’s parents and other members of the food allergy community have kept Sabrina’s spirit alive by advocating for allergy-aware school environments. In 2005, Sabrina’s Law was passed in Ontario, resulting in landmark legislation that has influenced school anaphylaxis policies across the world.
How many awards will be granted?
Two awards of $1,000 each will be granted to students entering their first year or continuing their studies at a post-secondary institution.
Who is eligible?

Eligible Applicants must meet the following criteria during the 2022/2023 school year:
·      Canadian resident under the age of 25
·      Enrolled at a post-secondary institution (i.e. entering first year of studies or continuing in current program)

Applicants do not need to have food allergies to be eligible for the award.

Past recipients of this award and children of Food Allergy Canada staff, board members, or consultants are not eligible.
How will recipients be selected?
A committee of Food Allergy Canada staff and volunteers will review each application and select recipients based on their submission of a short essay. The essay should include:

·      How the applicant has raised awareness and educated others about food allergy
·      Whom the applicant has reached through their efforts (i.e. the number and type of people reached)

Selected recipients will have demonstrated a strong commitment and creative approach to raising awareness and educating others.

Applicants will be notified of their application status in May 2023.
Please submit your application to Food Allergy Canada by April 3, 2023.