How anxious are you?

Your heart races, your hands tremble and you start to sweat. Anxiety is a part of life. We all get nervous. And it’s not a bad thing. Anxious feelings can help motivate us.

But for some of us, anxiety can be an issue. It can keep us from living happy, healthy lives. Do you wonder if your anxiety is getting in your way? Read the scenarios below. Think about how anxious these tend to make you.

Some of us are simply more anxious than others. Score yourself for each item. Give yourself a:

0 – If this idea doesn’t bother you. You feel cool, calm and relaxed.
1 – If you worry about this. You might feel butterflies or think about negative outcomes.
2 – If the idea of this makes you feel scared. You may not be able to stop thinking about negative outcomes. And you might find that you go out of your way to avoid these situations or you take extraordinary measures to help yourself reduce your nerves.
3 – If this idea causes you panic. You might have shortness of breath, feel dizzy, cry, shake or feel like you’re having a heart attack. You may feel out of control or have a sense that things aren’t real.

Question Title

What have you found yourself worrying about lately? Based on the key above, rate your anxiety on a scale of zero to three for the following items:

  0 - Doesn't bother you 1 - You worry about this 2 - The idea of this makes you scared 3 - The idea of this makes you panic
Being judged by someone
Using a public restroom
Going to an event where you don’t know anyone
Getting a text or instant message that says, “Call me” or, “Can we talk?”
Feeling a random spasm or pain in your body
Being around an animal — like a dog or cat
Swimming in very deep water
Getting older
Being left out of social events
Running late
Being in a dark place
Getting laid off
Saying or doing something embarrassing
Going to the doctor or dentist
Leaving home and then not remembering if you locked a door, closed the garage, turned off the stove, etc.
Picking up germs in public places
Not understanding something a person said and having to ask him or her to repeat it
Being in a crowded place
Driving across a bridge
Hearing a nearby person cough or sneeze
Hearing “Can I talk to you?” from your boss
Being around a wild animal – like a snake, mountain lion or shark
Shaking hands with someone who may be sick
Seeing blood
Being in a cluttered space
Having to start a conversation with someone you don’t know very well
Having your hands or body get dirty
Being up high – like on an airplane or balcony
Believing others are judging your looks
Eating food that might be high in calories or preservatives
Breathing second-hand smoke
Hearing other people laugh when you don’t know what was so funny
How to score:

Add up which response you have the most of: 0s, 1s, 2s or 3s.

Once you have your number, click the "Check your score" button below to view the results.