Summer Camp Registration 2018

Please note that this form is for sign up only. If your child is not enrolled at Ruth Washburn for the 17-18 or 18-19 school year, we will need you to complete our full registration form. Please contact the school for details. Also, once your child has a spot in camp(s) (first come, first served), the fee will be added to your ledger. You will receive that billing on April 15 and it must be paid by May 1 to hold your space. 

* 1. Child's First Name

* 2. Child's Last Name

* 3. Child's Birthdate

Date / Time

* 4. Parent/Guardian Full Name

* 5. phone number

* 6. email

* 7. All Camps are Monday-Thursday from 9-12. Farm Camp is held at Redstone Castle in Manitou and is only available to children ages 4-6. Onsite camps are for children ages 3-6. You may register for every week, but only one week of Farm Camp. Each session of camp costs $135 and will be billed on April 15. All on-site Ruth Washburn Summer Camps provide a stimulating, safe and enriching environment. Each week offers friendships, sand and water play, wading pools, exploration of our wonderful backyard and garden as well as books, art and music. At farm camps there will be live goats and chickens, a garden and gazebo, a spacious front porch and a natural outdoor area all with a farm theme.  Children must bring a water bottle and a nutritious nut-free snack daily to all camps.

* 8. According to Colorado State Statues, Ruth Washburn "must apply sunscreen, have the parent or guardian apply sunscreen, or use another form of parent or guardian approved sun protection for children prior to children going outside. Sunscreen must be reapplied as directed by the product label."

We will provide and apply Babyganics SPF 50 mineral based sunscreen at the school if you choose to use that. If you choose to utilize your own sunscreen, please send a non-expired sun protection product with your child's full name written in black sharpie.