Please use this survey to share your feedback with the Portland Water Bureau on draft architectural design concepts for the Filtration Facility. You can also view the video of the Site Advisory Group discussion on this content, or view the presentation slides, on the project website.
Rolling Fields Architectural Design Concept

The Water Bureau's goal for architectural design of the Filtration Facility is to minimize what's visible and adapt what can be seen to the character of the community. Using community feedback on style preferences, the team has developed a 'Rolling Fields' architectural concept. Your feedback on the concept renderings in this survey will help us better understand what’s important to you and your neighbors and help guide the design.

The Rolling Fields concept:
Seeks to blend with the surrounding landscape and topography
Integrates community preferences for Pacific Northwest and Agrarian style elements
Uses aspects of Columbia Gorge Guidelines such as warm, dark colors
Preliminary Facility Design

We are refining an initial campus concept that clusters the water treatment facilities in the optimal site build area shown below and allows for a view buffer between the Filtration Facility and site neighbors. The design team will continue to refine this concept during the two-year design process.

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