The Retail Workers Survey Ireland was launched by Mandate Trade Union to establish the current working conditions across the entire retail sector and to see what retail workers want to see change. Take just a few minutes to fill it out and make sure to pass the word on to your colleagues at work.   

Please note that this survey is strictly confidential.  No information will be shared with any third party.

* 1. Name of your employer?

* 2. Location where you work?

* 3. What is your job title or position?

* 4. How long have you been working there?

* 5. Approximately how many people are employed where you work?

* 6. What type of contract do you have?

* 7. Has your employer provided you with a written copy of your contract of employment?

* 8. What is your current rate of pay per hour (Euros)?

* 9. Are you on a payscale with regular increments (rises) based on your length of service?

* 10. When is the last time you had a pay rise? (Not based on any service increments)

* 11. Are your total weekly working hours: