1. Survey Introduction

Arts residencies are at a global standstill. By our very nature of facilitating quality international and national arts and cultural exchange, the field of arts residencies is one of the hardest hit.

Res Artis: Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies is partnering with UCL (University College London) to conduct this survey to assess the true impact of COVID-19 specifically on the arts residencies field. This survey first examines the immediate impact; and then we will ask respondents to complete two further short surveys to analyse the medium-term; and long-term effects.

You don't need to be a Res Artis Member or affiliated to UCL to complete this survey. We urge all artists and arts residency organisations around the globe to complete this form so that Res Artis in partnership with UCL can advocate for support, much-needed resources and emergency funding on behalf of the sector. It will help us all, as a collective whole, gain a deeper understanding of the situation and how we might work together to rebuild and strengthen the field.

The survey below should take approximately 10 minutes of your time, but the results will be long-lasting. Thank you for contributing to this important research and data collection.

Please email office@resartis.org for any questions or further information.

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* 1. Are you responding to this survey as an artist or arts residency organisation? (please choose ONLY ONE option. If you wish to respond as both artist and organisation you will need to complete two separate surveys)

25% of survey complete.