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Welcome! We need your feedback!

In Summer 2019, the San Mateo County Transit District launched Reimagine SamTrans, a comprehensive operational analysis (COA) of the SamTrans bus system.
Three bus network alternatives to existing SamTrans service have been developed to update and improve SamTrans service. Each alternative sets a different vision for the future of bus service and has different benefits and tradeoffs. We need your feedback on what you think of them.
Your input will be used to refine the proposed bus system changes, and a final round of public input in Fall 2021 will guide the selection of a final new bus system.

In this survey, you will be able to provide your input on the three potential visions for SamTrans bus service. You will also be able to comment on potential changes to bus routes you use today and changes to bus service in your part of the county. Thank you for your input!

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