1. Influence future governance approaches

How do you imagine the Ontario nonprofit sector might look like in 2030? What are the trends, drivers and signals from your perspective that could shape and influence this future?

These are just some of the questions we are considering through Reimagining Governance, an Ontario Nonprofit Network initiative. The aim is to help nonprofit leaders reimagine a more effective way to fulfill organizational governance, including its structures, processes and practices.

While the nature of the sector has fundamentally shifted, the traditional governance approach of a board of directors isn’t keeping pace. This is critical to the vibrancy and sustainability of nonprofit organizations, and the communities we serve.
The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. No special expertise is required except for your experience as an individual who is engaged in the nonprofit sector in Ontario.

We will share a special report summarizing the results, which we hope will be an invaluable resource for your strategic decision-making and may point to ways in which your governance can be more effective.
Privacy and confidentiality is important to us. No identifying information will be shared. All information will remain confidential and will only be shared in aggregate forms.
For more information, questions, or comments please contact:
Sarah Matsushita, Communications and Network Engagement Manager
416-642-5786 x509
2 St. Clair Ave East, Suite 300, Toronto ON, M4T 2T5