Important Information

Thank you for your interest in joining the ReFED Solution Provider Directory! We are excited to highlight the work of the growing number of solution providers with our extensive network of food businesses, funders, subject matter experts, researchers, and government agencies.

Being part of the ReFED Solution Provider Directory provides you and your organization with an opportunity to:
  • Gain exposure to food businesses and funders
  • Receive relevant notifications about future funding opportunities, upcoming events, and industry reports; and
  • Allows ReFED and its network to better support you and the growth of your impact
We welcome solution providers that meet the following criteria to complete the sign-up form.
  • The solution provider is headquartered in and/or currently operates in the United States
  • The solution provider is a nonprofit, for-profit, or individual that offers a service(s) and/or product(s) that diverts food from landfills or incineration by:
    • Preventing food from being wasted;
    • Rescuing and donating edible, surplus food (including by food banks); and/or
    • Recycling food scraps
  • Please note that financial institutions and municipal recycling agencies are not included in the Directory at this time. If you or your organization provide alternative sales channels, ReFED is interested in those that have an explicit focus on outlets for otherwise wasted food.
If your organization meets the above criteria, here are a few things to know, before you get started.
  • This is a 2-page questionnaire.
  • Page 1 has a set of 30 short questions that are required to be completed in order for your information to be included in the Directory.
  • Page 2 has a set of questions that are optional. However, to the extent possible, we encourage you to complete as many of the questions on page 2 as you can so that your profile will be complete.
  • Unless specified otherwise, most of the information collected will be shared publicly on ReFED's website.
  • Any new submissions will be uploaded to the online Solution Provider Directory roughly twice a month.
If you are currently part of the Solution Provider Directory and would like your information updated, contact Alejandro Enamorado at 

Thank you for your continued dedication to fighting food waste!