Adult children who estranged themselves from caring parents and families are on the rise. The painful trend inflicts emotional distress and impacts future generations. Parents of estranged adults are often hopeful but cautious. Are happy reconciliations possible? Or will there always be uncertainty, distrust, and fear? If you have reconnected, please share your story. Your insight and experiences may help others to understand how reconciliation might take place, and perhaps restore precious relationships.

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* This short, confidential survey is designed to better understand how parents and estranged adult children reconcile. Your individual identifying information will be kept confidential. Your answers are important, and may provide insight that can help other families to reconnect.

Responses will be combined and categorized for analysis. When reported on, individual answers and/or quotes will never be connected to an individual participant's name or email address. The last survey question, about future contact, is optional.

PLEASE NOTE: Several questions provide a box for you to expand upon your answers. Please feel free to elaborate. Your thoughts are helpful in understanding how reconciliation between parents and estranged adult children can occur and continue.