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About this survey and about you

          Having a better understanding of what property owners and citizens are willing to do – and can do – when it comes to renovating their homes and properties to make them more energy efficient, environment friendly and sustainable is crucial to help to shape the policy at EU, national and local levels in an acceptable, affordable and effective way.

          The COVID-19 crisis, and the insecurity it brought along, have impacted families’ and businesses’ expectations, objectives and plans. Renovating home and properties either became more challenging or, on the contrary, more urgent/desired, as making homes more sustainable can represent savings in energy bills and could be part of a recovery plan to make homes more efficient and healthy in these times of crisis.

          This questionnaire intends to assess how EU citizens, owners and real estate businesses feel about their properties and the need to renovate them, as well as to evaluate the impact of the sanitary crisis on their intentions, thereby contributing to meet climate objectives.

          We kindly ask for its completion and thank you in advance for your participation.

Question Title

* 1. You are a…. (If you are both a homeowner and a landlord, we invite you to either answer the questionnaire twice (once as a landlord, once as a owner-occupier) or to choose only the category that suits you the best. Alternatively you could choose the category "other")

Question Title

* 2. In what country? (Several answers are allowed.)

Question Title

* 3. How many properties do you own?

Question Title

* 4. Do you think it is beneficial to make your home / propert(y/ies) more energy-efficient/sustainable?

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