This survey was created by Christian Direction with the assistance of an advisory committee of local experts and has received ethics approval from the Community Research Ethics Office (CREO).

The objectives of this survey are to:

1.Identify the beliefs and attitudes of Québec Christians and churches with regard to domestic abuse.  

2. Determine whether domestic violence is a problem currently being experienced within Christian communities and churches in Québec.

3. Understand why victims do, or do not, disclose their experiences of domestic abuse to other churchgoers or church leaders, and to reveal how the church has responded to such disclosures of domestic abuse.

While the survey contains questions about experiences of domestic abuse, the aim of this survey is not to collect accurate prevalence data on the instance of domestic abuse among Christians in Québec.

This survey is the first phase of a research project on domestic abuse whose goal is to reveal how Christian Direction can meaningfully engage with Christian communities in Québec in responding to the needs of victims/survivors.

This study is for practicing (or formerly practicing) Christians in Québec who are over 18 years old. Our goal is to acquire 1001 responses to this survey.

The survey takes 20 minutes on average to complete and will cover the following topics: Domestic abuse; Church attitudes toward and awareness of domestic abuse; Experiences of disclosure of domestic abuse to church leaders/members; Obstacles to the disclosure of domestic abuse to church leaders/members; Church response to disclosures of domestic abuse

You may choose to skip any question which you do not wish to answer.
6% of survey complete.