Rakuten Rewards offers advertising media to retailers, brands and agencies of all sizes, in over 10+ retailer categories, to promote brand awareness, deepen discovery and grow business.

As a Rakuten partner, get excited to be front and center of our 14M members ready to shop. On top of connecting to our massive spending power, brands are armed with the data to improve their marketing plans and capitalize on opportunities to accelerate growth. Most importantly Rakuten Rewards, provides the space for brands to positively promote themselves and deliver a rewarding consumer experience that drives loyalty.

To set new partners up for success, we offer a kick-start package fee of $5,000 to smoothly integrate you on our platform with a variety of media placements for launch.

(New merchant package pricing is subject to change in Q4.)

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 We do not accept:
  • Amazon stores or third party marketplaces
  • Suppliers, wholesale sellers
  • Etsy stores
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Wix, Wordpress or other blog platform URL
  • Stores who have already applied in the past
  • Stores that have not yet opened or just opened