* 1. Which of the following describes your relationship to this community? (Select all that apply.)

* 2. Contact Information

* 3. What is your age?


* 4. On average, how often do you cross the tracks (per week)?

* 5. On average, how often do you wait at crossings for rail traffic (per week)?

* 6. When stopped for rail traffic, how long is your average wait time (in minutes)?

* 7. Do you think the community needs more railroad crossing safety and education programs?

* 8. What is your preferred route to your business or home?

* 9. What type of vehicles or equipment do you drive across the tracks?

* 10. Are there any conditions or physical restrictions at a crossing that have resulted in you using a different crossing?

* 11. If you answered "yes" to the last question, please state the location of the crossing and the conditions or restrictions that prompted you to take a different route.


* 12. Please rank the existing at-grade crossings on how important they are to you and your business:
(1 = least important, 10 = most important):


* 13. Please rank the existing at-grade crossings on how safe you think they are:
(1 = least safe, 10 = most safe)


* 14. What is the railroad's contribution to vehicular traffic congestion?

* 15. What is your opinion of the existing at-grade crossing conditions?

* 16. How important is a potential quiet zone through the city limits?

* 17. How safe do you think the existing at-grade crossings are in town?

* 18. How does rail traffic and crossings contribute to emergency response?

* 19. When stopped for rail traffic, how would you characterize your wait?

* 20. Would you be in favor of eliminating at-grade crossings if access to businesses and residences were maintained?


* 21. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?