1. Instructions

Please review all of the application questions carefully ahead of time.

Each section can be saved when you click on the "Prev" or "Next" buttons once you have filled out the required questions.

It is recommended you copy and paste your essay responses from a separate document into the corresponding fields in the application. Be mindful of word limits. Failure to meet the word count requirements will result in an error message when attempting to submit this application.

Additionally, please have your resume/short bio and a form of identification prepared to upload and attach as part of this online application.

The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) may allow for public review of this application upon request; therefore some information given in this document may be subject to disclosure under FOIL. Please type clearly and do not leave any areas blank. If a question does not apply, please indicate by writing “N/A” if space is provided.

If you are seeking a council member’s nomination, we suggest you reach out to that council member after you have submitted your application.

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 2. Home Number (if different from Primary Number)

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* 3. Mailing address (if different from home address)

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* 4. Please provide proof of address by uploading a picture or a scanned copy of: license/state ID, IDNYC, passport, or a current utility bill.

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