Session Evaluations: Sunday, June 25, 2017

Thank you for joining us in Atlanta for the 2017 Wellness and Recovery Summit - and for participating in this evaluation, which will allow us to continually improve on our educational programming!

Please note: In order to receive CE credit for your participation at the Summit, you must submit session evaluations, such as this one, for each day you attend, as well as a general conference evaluation (the link to which will be sent at the conclusion of the conference).

All evaluations must be submitted no later than July 15th, 2017.  Any evaluations submitted afterwards will not be processed for CE Credit Certificates until late August.  We highly recommend you complete your evaluations at your earliest convenience, while your experience is still fresh.

CE Certificate process:
1. The attendance record from your badge scans will be compared to your session evaluations
2. The general evaluation will ask what CE credit type(s) you require
3. Once all evaluations are received, PRAF staff will take 2-3 weeks to process

In late July, all participants that complete session evaluations and the general conference evaluation will be emailed:
-One CE Certificate for each credit type selected in the general evaluation, listing the sessions both attended and evaluated for which that type of credit was awarded.
-One Transcript of Attendance for ALL sessions attended, regardless of credit type(s) awarded for participation.

Please refrain from inquiry regarding the status of your certificate until August 1st at the earliest.  PRAF staff will work with you to resolve any confusion or discrepancies.  All inquiries regarding CE Credit should be emailed to Brian Reach at, and/or

Thank you again for being a part of this incredible educational experience - we can't wait to see you again!


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