Welcome! Trailnet needs your feedback. We recently launched a vision for on-street protected bikeways and sidewalks in St. Louis. We believe this vision will help St. Louis to thrive by improving health, spurring economic development, and increasing access to opportunity.

You can help us by completing this anonymous 10-minute survey. Your answers will guide us in making decisions that shape the project. You will be asked what you value when it comes to neighborhoods and street design - your answers will: 
  • Be the framework for planning the destinations and routes
  • Assist in crafting policies to make sure that neighborhoods with routes remain affordable to current residents and remove barriers to mobility
  • Help us determine how the project  will be funded and built
Your anonymous answers will guide our committees as they make decisions for the DRAFT plan. When the draft plan is complete, we will share it with you to hear if we got it right, and how we can make sure it suits your community.
For more information on this project visit: trailnet.org
If you have any questions, please contact: advocacy@trailnet.org

* 1. As we begin, please tell us what you think of Trailnet's vision for protected bikeways and sidewalks in St. Louis.

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