Participate in Project STAND to help researchers test a new option for adolescent depression.

First, we will collect basic contact information and allow you to schedule a one hour virtual appointment with a Limbix team member. 

During this virtual appointment, a team member will walk you and your caregiver (if you’re under 18) through the study procedures and answer any questions you have. After that, if you give your permission to participate and are eligible, you will then enroll in the study. Signing up here does not commit you to participate. You can choose not to participate at any time. 

Not sure or have questions? Schedule a 15 minute call with a Limbix team member. You can also email us at or text us at (650) 489-6486. You can also learn more about the study here.

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Interested? If so, are you:

By continuing, you consent to providing your contact and basic demographic information to Limbix Health, Inc. (Project STAND Research Study). If you do not qualify for the study, we will delete your personally identifying information at the end of the research study.  If you have additional questions, please review our privacy policy or email