About This Study

In an increasingly competitive retirement plan industry where sponsors focus as much on controlling costs as increasing service, retirement plan advisors are caught in a squeeze. Consequently, advisors need insights into optimal service deliverables and their frequencies. 

Although there are tools and guidelines available, they are often based on “common practices” (called “Wisdom of the Crowd”) that may be neither optimal nor profitable. Advisors need the wisdom of the “Right” crowd.

PlanFees has revolutionized the retirement plan industry with our accurate, on-demand and revealing retirement plan fee benchmarking report. With this Prism365 Study, we are enhancing the PlanFees platform to dive deeper into advisor fees and services. The tool will help you benchmark your own fees and services, helping justify your fees with clients.

By participating in the study, you are ensuring that this study and the tool will only have the most accurate and effective data from top advisors like yourselves, making it easier to justify your fees and services with clients. Additionally, you will receive a complimentary Prism365 Trends report as well as access to a webinar delivering insights and findings from the study.
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